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The Drama Queen herself presents....


They say that change is the only constant thing in life.... well I agree... somehow! Though, during job interviews, I am saying that my flexibility to handle change is one of my greatest strength, there are still situations that I feel like I'm lost in the middle of the transition... I know that's normal especially when your world is totally turning 180! Well, I know more than ever to just keep up with the pace.... you can't go ahead nor slow down.... one step at a time and before you know it... TADA!!!! You handled everything with grace! Life often gives me a lot of bullshit... but I still love my life... as long as I have my family and my handful of true friends.... God is with me and I will be fine.


Condescending... get your dictionary to know the definition because you might not come across this word yet from the books that you read!
While reading the meaning, as hard as it is, please, please try to understand it...Oh, I have a suggestion... look at the mirror while reading the definition and be sure that you will memorize the spelling ok.. you might want to use it somewhere someday to let the world know that you know the word and then realize later that you spelt it wrong...

Poor you... trying to let the people see that you have your own style... don't cover it up... try hard as you may, it will stink in time!

Your just an effing jacker!

blogger or you mean bragger!

Synonyms: boaster, blowhard, liar, braggart, show off, bullshitter, boast, egotist, know-it-all, cocky, conceited, wannabe, loser, arrogant, annoying, fake, self-centered, poser, facebook!!!


patience is a virtue

i know what i want but there are times that when i'm too eager to get it i'm loosing myself in the process. then i'll feel like a crap thereafter.
got a serious problem with control... it upsets me so much if things are not going to what i expected them.

appreciating it

it is in the darkness of the sky that you will clearly see the stars.


living the life

I have to live my life and can't dwell on answers that I will never get.... gonna use this as my daily mantra =)
Man, why is it hard to just move on? Such a sucker for pain! Oh wait, that's why I'm the drama queen!!! GAH, sucks to be me =(

becomes the social pariah

so used to be in the center of all circles. don't know what happened and things turned out like this. cliche, the world is round. guess you really wont understand others sentiments unless you experience it yourself. things lately are in limbo, sometimes i blamed it for being too sensitive. if i could just be that thick. but you do what you got to do, right? just have to face the consequences after. there's always a catch hidden in everything like things can't just be that straight forward. i hate double standards though i am guilty about it. see such  a hypocrite. i thought at this point i should know everything but no, life is a journey and in that journey you live and you learn then you'll be a little wiser each time.


welcomes you

hello world!